JULY 1, 2023

APRIL 29, 2022


1 Afterparty
2 Wanna Spend My Life With You
3 Like You Do
4 Do It All To Me
5 Outta Control
6 Got Nowhere To Go
7 Can’t Feel Nobody
8 Serene

produced, composed, performed, arranged and written by ZAC
mixed by RJ Cardenas (track 3 mixed by George Wiederkehr)
mastered by Kelly Hibbert of Almachrome

This album was getting wrapped up in late 2019 then the pandemic hit and put a serious stop to the album.
I’m sorry for the delay.
I want to thank everyone who believes in me and everyone who dislikes me.
Anyone who walks around being completely themselves.
Everyone who isn’t afraid to do something different.
I’m thankful for being able to speak my mind and do the things I truly want to do.
This album is very important to me.
Serene is a celebration of music and life.
thank you everyone.

photos by WITHSIGHT

APRIL 29, 2022